David Ramael


David Ramael. Belgian orchestra conductor
David Ramael

David Ramael is the very model of the modern conductor: enterprising, communicative, pioneering. He is the founder and artistic director of Boho Strings, an innovative string orchestra based in Borgerhout. With this ensemble he already has a remarkable track record in creating groundbreaking programs, aimed at making classical music more relevant in our current fragmented society.

Very important to him is to be as close as possible to his audience. With Boho Strings he therefore regularly organizes open rehearsals, where he gives listeners a look behind the scenes. He gives explanations before and during concerts, and is always ready for a meet-and-greet afterwards. In short, David is far from the old-fashioned ideal of the staid maestro.

His musical choices are primarily driven by a strong social commitment. In this way he wants to demonstrate that classical music still plays an important role in our society. An inspired vision brought in a sincere way. David is regularly invited as a guest conductor with orchestras at home and abroad. In Belgium he regularly conducts the Belgian National Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique Royale de Li├Ęge, and the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. He is also a welcome guest at Zomeropera Alden Biesen.

David lives with his wife in Borgerhout. In their spare time they enjoy sailing, and walking in nature with Tor and Miss Moneypenny, their American Staffies.