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Vibrato, living with parkinson’s

Vibrato, living with parkinson’s

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Yolanda was a passionate juvenile judge for many years until the brain disease parkinson’s made it impossible for her to keep working and she had to retire at 55. Since then, by trial and error, she has been finding her way to cope with the disease.

Realizing that with age her physical abilities will decline, Yolanda makes a bucket list of the things she still wants to do. One of them is conducting an orchestra. Through a mutual friend we get in touch and this past summer I worked intensively with her on a quick course in conducting. Conducting Boho Strings, she makes her dream come true.

Phara de Aguirre en Joeri Vlekken created a documentary about Yolanda’s story: Vibrato, living with parkinson’s. Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024 at 9:20 p.m. on VRT CANVAS and VRT MAX

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